School board proposes a plan to Implement School Clusters

By Leona Dunn

The Dickson County School board will be voting to approve or deny a new zoning plan that will introduce school clusters during their next meeting, Thursday May 24th. The proposed plan will require students to attend the schools they will be zoned in.

The zoning plan currently under discussion emphasizes seven guiding principles; natural school clusters, reducing/eliminating overcrowding, maximizing efficient busing, celebrating diversity within communities, providing challenging programs in every facility-regardless the zone and giving few exceptions to the zone required attendance rule, according to a document shared by the Dickson County School Board.

According to School Board Director, Danny Weeks,one of the main focuses behind this plan is to prevent overcrowding. Weeks said, “Our premise behind building Burns middle school was to reduce the overcrowding of Dickson middle school campus, and we certainly want to prevent overcrowding from occuring as much as possible which is why these zones will be thoughtfully drawn and planned based on the core capacity of schools, number of homes, and more.”

If approved next meeting the next three months will be a research and study phase on how to best zone the schools within the district. The plan will then be presented to the community in order to get feedback and answer questions from parents and others impacted by the proposed changes. Next refinement will occur and official zones will be approved by December. If the initial zoning plan is passed, the new zones will be announced to the student body January 2019.