Rotary clubs join city in park development partnership

Rotary clubs join city in park development partnership

Dickson’s two Rotary Clubs have joined the City of Dickson in a developmental partnership to create new recreational opportunities at Henslee Park. 

The members of the Dickson Good Morning and Dickson High Noon Rotary clubs endorsed the proposal at eh recent meeting at the Finance and Management Committee meeting Monday, August 19. City Administrator Rydell Wesson informed the council of the clubs’ involvement.

“We have a unique opportunity to enhance the plans we already have begun for development of Henslee Park,” said Dickson Mayor Don L. Weiss Jr. “With the help of the members of the two local Rotary Clubs and Rotary International, we will be able to present a more comprehensive recreational area to meet many of the requests we have heard in the last few years.”

The Dickson City Council had budgeted $376,000 from a $2 million loan to go toward design and construction of a splash pad, playground, dog park and parking lot at the 126-acre former county club purchased by the city last year. 

When Good Morning Rotary Club President Red McCaskill recently approached the city about helping with a project at Henslee Park, Weiss said he saw the opportunity for another public/private partnership that will enable the city to plan a bigger recreational complex.

High Noon Rotary Club President Leah Weatherby said the development partnership fits with Rotary’s mission of service to the community. 

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself,” Weatherby said. “We are honored to be able to help in any way. Our motto is ‘Service Above Self.’”

McCaskill said the partnership will help the city provide recreational opportunities for coming generations.

“The Dickson Good Morning Rotary is honored to work with the City of Dickson and High Noon Rotary to build a venue that gives our children a place to enjoy, not just to dream about,” McCaskill said. “They can grow socially and physically and be challenged at the same time. Dickson is a one-of-a-kind community that continues to look ahead for the youth of the future.”

Wesson, Public Works Director David Travis, Parks and Recreation Superintendent Cherie Wilson and Parks Board Chairman Tammy Kilgore recently met with Rotary clubs representatives Michelle Balsley, Paul Pitney and Weatherby to start the process of forming the partnership and defining the scope of the project. The city and Rotary representatives will continue to meet regularly as the plans develop and at some point in the near future will be seeking public input on the facilities to be proposed.

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