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Edward Joseph Benesch II

Edward Joseph Benesch II

A Dickson County jury convicted Edward Joseph Benesch II of aggravated child neglect and voluntary manslaughter for the 2013 death of 18-month-old Somarah Camilla Smith. After a four-day trial and almost eight hours of deliberation, the seven-man, five-woman jury announced its verdict at 11:32 pm Saturday in Dickson County Circuit Court. The jury acquitted the 28-year-old Benesch on a charge of aggravated child abuse and felony murder by child abuse. Judge Larry Wallace scheduled a sentencing hearing for April 8. Aggravated child neglect is a Class A felony with a sentence range of 15-25 years. Voluntary manslaughter is a Class C felony with a sentence range of 3-6 years. Had he been convicted of either count of felony murder, Benesch would have received an automatic life sentence after prosecutors withdrew their intent to seek life without parole on Friday. Assistant District Attorney Carey Thompson said he likely will seek a sentence in the upper range of each count due to the age of the victim and Benesch’s previous felony convictions. Defense attorney Olin Baker said he is “disappointed” with the jury’s verdict and will wait to see what happens at the sentencing hearing before making a decision whether to appeal. Although Benesch did not take the stand during the trial, the jury apparently believed his claim to police that Somarah’s injuries were the result of a fall while he was carrying her down the steps of the porch at the Rocky Drive mobile home where he was living with his sister. One prosecution witness testified he saw Benesch snort cocaine and punch Somarah in the ribs after getting mad that she had lost a sock the night of March 6, 2013. But in a brief defense presented Friday evening, two men identified by John Rayburn as having been at the home that night both denied being present. Shannon Edmondson said he was at his mother’s house that night and also denied telling then-TBI Agent Mike Breedlove that he would side with Benesch no matter what the evidence shows and even if he knew something would not tell the police because Benesch was like a brother to him. Jonathan Lane also denied being at the home that night, telling Breedlove that Benesch was like a brother to him. Edmondson and Lane both testified the last time they were with Benesch at the Rocky Drive mobile home was the night of the college football national championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame, which was Jan. 7, 2013. They said Benesch was there with Somarah and Havyn, the two children of Jill Smith that were left in Benesch’s care. But Smith testified that she was not arrested until Feb. 14, 2013, and never left her children with Benesch prior to that and she and her children were not at the mobile home the night of the football game. In closing arguments Saturday, Thompson held up a multi-colored child’s sock that was found in the mobile home and told the jury, “It’s a sock. It’s a little baby’s sock. It’s not worth very much. You can probably get a pack of them at the Dollar Store for a buck. But actually it’s priceless because it’s a little baby’s sock.” Baker said Somarah Smith died as a result of a “tragic accident” and that the morning following the fall, Benesch had a “freak-out moment” when he realized the child was seriously injured and dropped her off at her aunt’s house on Brookside Drive. Baker placed part of the blame for the child’s death on the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office, which left the children in Benesch’s care at Smith’s direction when she was arrested, and the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, which he said “never intervened” when the children’s father contacted the state from jail with concerns about their safety. Baker said Benesch’s emotional statement in an interview with police that “A little girl’s dead, man. It’s my fault. All my fault,” was his client blaming himself for the accident. In his closing statement, District Attorney Ray Crouch called Baker’s claims that law enforcement and the medical examiner’s office are all agents of the government and conspired to present evidence against Benesch “offensive” and “disgusting.” Crouch placed a six-pack of beer and a pack of cigarettes on the rail in front of the jury and pulled a receipt out of his wallet saying Benesch valued Somarah’s life at $12.42 when he went to the store that night instead of seeking medical help for the child. Just before 8:30 Saturday night, the jury asked to see the video of Benesch’s statement to police again and three hours later announced the verdict. They found him not guilty on one count of felony murder by child abuse and all the included lesser charges and not guilty of aggravated child abuse. He was found guilty of the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter on an original charge of felony murder by child neglect and guilty on one charge of aggravated child neglect, which the prosecution argued was warranted by Benesch’s own admission that he did not take the child to the hospital because he was “too drunk,” but still went to the store for beer and cigarettes. Benesch remains in custody pending his sentencing hearing April 8.

The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Friday’s discovery of a woman’s body at Montgomery Bell State Park. Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe said Sunday that investigators are “still waiting on the state medical examiner for positive identification and cause of death,” and could not release any further information at this time. According to sources with knowledge of the investigation, the body was discovered inside a vehicle parked in the area of the inn and conference center at the state park. Those sources said the body was in an advanced state of decomposition, leading investigators to look into the possibility that the body might have been there for several months. Two independent sources have said the vehicle had a Shelby County registration and the name of the registered owner matches the name of a woman who was a guest at the park in October. Testifying in an unrelated murder trial in Charlotte Friday, Dr. Tom Deering of the state medical examiner’s office explained an autopsy is to make two determinations: a manner of death and a cause of death. The manner of death is normally one of five options: natural, accidental, suicide, homicide or undetermined. Evidence from the body is also used when possible to determine a cause of death, but that is not always possible within medical certainty. While the sheriff’s office is not releasing any further details pending the medical examiner’s ruling, sources at the scene have said the body was discovered inside an SUV parked in a roadside area near the inn around 1 pm Friday. The sources say the park’s rangers had been aware of the vehicle but believed it belonged to a woman who had lost her keys while staying at the park and had said she would return to get the vehicle. The SUV reportedly had tinted windows making it difficult to see inside without walking up to the vehicle. One source reports the woman listed as the registered owner is believed to have been heading to a drug treatment facility in a neighboring county. Bledsoe said he could not confirm any of those circumstances and would not comment any further until a positive identification is made by the medical examiner. He said the investigation will proceed based on the medical examiner’s findings. The sheriff did not say when he expects the autopsy results to be completed.

The owner of a downtown Dickson restaurant was arrested twice last week for violating restrictions of the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry. 44-year-old Carmen Anthony Leato is charged with employing juveniles, working within 1,000 feet of daycares or a public park and failing to have a sex offender designation on his driver’s license, according to arrest warrants from the Dickson Police Department. Leato is identified as the co-owner and a supervisor at Michelle’s restaurant at 104 North Main Street in Dickson. According to Det. Josh Ethridge’s statement in the arrest warrants, Leato “has interviewed, hired and supervised employees under 18 years of age,” which is a prohibited activity under Tennessee’s Sex Offender Registry. The registry’s restrictions also prohibit anyone from living or working within 1,000 feet of any school, daycare, public park or other location in which children are present on a regular basis. Ethridge’s warrant says Michelle’s is within 1,000 feet of daycares at First United Methodist Church and Walnut Street Church of Christ and Holland Park in downtown Dickson. Leato’s registration on the TBI’s Sex Offender Registry lists 104 North Main Street as his employment address and Ethridge said Leato’s name and signature are on documents for the business. The warrants also charge Leato obtained a Tennessee driver’s license on Jan. 5 and “failed to disclose that he was a registered sex offender,” for which a designation is included on the license. Leato was arrested on those charges Wednesday and released on $9,000 bond. On another warrant obtained Friday, Ethridge said he received a report that Leato was seen inside Michelle’s and sent two plainclothes officers into the restaurant, who allegedly observed Leato in the kitchen engaging with other employees. He was arrested on another count of violating the work restrictions and released on $100,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in Dickson Municipal Court Feb. 19. Leato is listed on the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry as having a 1987 conviction for criminal sexual assault in Illinois. The Illinois Sex Offender Registry shows Leato as having transferred his registration to Tennessee after previously being charged with failing to update the information in a timely fashion. The Tennessee registry lists Leato’s residential address as 150 Suzanne Drive, Room 119, in Dickson, which is the Super 8 Motel. In the arrest warrant, Ethridge says Leato gave an address of 511 Spring St. in Charlotte for his driver’s license, which could lead to an additional registry violation. In several posts on Facebook, Leato’s wife Michelle Mangiapane says her husband is the target of harassment by the police and they plan to file a lawsuit against the detective and department. She says the business is in her name and her husband does not work there, but only provides her advice on its operation.

For the first time this season, Dickson County High School dropped both games of a doubleheader. On a night when the CougarNation honored retiring Lady Cougars coaches Eve and Henry Hamilton, the Lady Cougars dropped their first District 11-AAA contest 49-42 to Brentwood, to split the season series and fall into a tie for first place with the Lady Bruins at 8-1. After a 17-point loss at home, Brentwood successfully shut down Dickson County’s inside game Friday night and forced the Lady Cougars to shoot from the perimeter. Dickson County shot only 23 percent from distance and did not connect on a three-pointer until the fourth period. The Lady Bruins scored the first five points of the game and held that margin, leading 15-10 at the end of the first period and 25-20 at the half. They padded the lead to seven by the end of the third and held that margin to the final buzzer. Carlee Wilson led Dickson County with 14 points while Payton Grove scored 11. Dickson County had won 10 straight since a tournament loss in Gatlinburg after opening the season winning their first 11. Brentwood snuffed the Cougars’ two-game winning streak with a 58-38 victory despite the return of Dalton Rainey for Dickson County. Rainey suffered a concussion in a 23-point loss at Brentwood Jan. 2 and missed six games. The eighth-ranked Bruins came out of the gate to take a 20-5 lead in the first period and maintained a double-digit advantage for the rest of the game. Rainey led the Cougars in his return with 13 points. After winning back-to-back district games, Dickson County slips to 2-7 and 4-18 overall. Brentwood stays atop District 11-AAA at 8-1 and improved to 21-4 overall with a Saturday win over Brentwood Academy. Dickson County is back home Tuesday to host Summit.

Creek Wood’s Red Hawks set a school record with their 21st consecutive win Saturday night against Harpeth. Coach Charles Taylor’s second-ranked Red Hawks pulled way in the second quarter on the way to an 82-63 win over the Indians in a non-district contest. Creek Wood remains undefeated at 21-0. Harpeth hung close for the first period, trailing 16-13 as Chico Plunkett led Creek Wood with five points, including a three-pointer. Plunkett and Ross Cummings scored nine each in the decisive second period that saw Creek Wood pull away to a 15-point edge at halftime, 43-28. After battling even for the third period, the Red Hawks were able to hold on to the margin for most of the fourth period before both teams went to the benches to wrap up the 19-point win. Creek Wood had beaten Harpeth by seven in the second game of the season, one of only three single-digit wins for the Red Hawks. Cummings led the way with 26 points. Tyler Turpin canned four treys in his 15 points. Isaac Edmondson added 15 and Plunkett finished with 14. It was a little tougher for the Lady Red Hawks to put Harpeth away 45-36. The Lady Indians led 12-9 after the first period but Creek Wood rallied with a 15-5 run through the second to lead 24-17 at halftime and hold the advantage the rest of the game. McKenzie Haislip nailed her third and fourth three-pointers in the third period as Creek Wood extended its lead to double digits at 36-25. Olivia Miniat led a Harpeth charge in the final frame but the Lady Red Hawks held on for the nine-point win. Haislip ended up with 17 points, including five treys. Brianna Spicer added 11 points. The 16-7 Lady Red Hawks have won seven straight. Creek Wood returns to the District 11-AA trenches at Montgomery Central on Tuesday.

Dickson Middle School’s Dragons face their first postseason action this afternoon in Clarksville. The second-seeded Dragons will face seventh-seed Richview at 4:45 pm in the first round of the Area 1 Class AAA basketball tournament at Kenwood High School. The winner faces the Rossview-Sycamore winner in Tuesday’s 7:15 contest. The top-seeded Lady Dragons crushed Montgomery Central Thursday and play their semifinal game at 3:30 Tuesday. Charlotte Middle School’s Lady Tigers finished their season as the runners up in the Class AA Midstate Sectional. The Lady Tigers fell to Cheatham Middle 46-22 in Saturday’s championship game at Hickman County. The Lady Bearcats also beat Charlotte for the Middle Tennessee Athletic Conference tournament title. The William James Lady Colonels won the Class A Midstate Sectional title last week by beating New Prospect 27-19 in White Bluff. Dickson-Richview will be live on the RFC Sports Network with the A-1 Signs Pregame Show starting at 4:30.

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Edward Joseph Benesch II

Edward Joseph Benesch II

While Edward Joseph Benesch II has not yet taken the stand in his trial for the death of 18-month-old Somarah Smith, the jury heard him say, “A little girl’s dead, man. It’s my fault. All my fault,” during an emotional interview with police. In the second day of testimony in Dickson County Circuit Court Thursday, the prosecution showed a portion of Benesch’s videotaped March 7, 2013, interview with then-TBI Agent Mike Breedlove and Dickson Police Department Det. Kelly Owen just three hours after the infant was determined to be dead at her aunt’s house on Brookside Drive. At times laying his head on a desk or bent over breathing heavily, Benesch told the officers he fell on the steps of the porch at the Rocky Drive mobile home where he was living while carrying Somarah the night before on his way to the store to buy beer and cigarettes. While Benesch said “she was bruised up” and cried for a little while, he thought she was OK. Benesch drove to the Love’s Travel Center on Highway 48 where he bought beer and cigarettes around 10:48 pm and said he put Somarah and 3-year-old Hayden to bed. He told the officers he didn’t take Somarah to the emergency room because he was “too drunk” and afraid he would get in trouble. Benesch told the officers Somarah woke him up crying and wheezing the next morning. “I looked at her and I realized she was messed up,” Benesch said. He took Somarah and her sister to their aunt’s house on Brookside Drive, then left, leaving his car in the parking lot at Kmart and calling a friend for a ride from the Kroger store. Judith Lane testified she picked Benesch up at Kroger after taking her children to school then drove him to the Dowdy Road home where she was living in Sylvia. It was there that Dickson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Michael Egginan testified he found Benesch later that morning. Lane, who called her eight-year relationship with Benesch “complicated” and admitted she loves him, testified that during phone calls and after she picked him up, she could tell “something was really bothering him that morning… He looked scared and really quiet.” She said Benesch told her he fell on Somarah the night before but never said anything about hurting the child on purpose and that she would never worry about leaving her children with him. On the stand for more than three hours Thursday, Breedlove, now the sheriff of Cheatham County, said he has never seen a victim with more extensive bruising from blunt force trauma than Somarah in his 34-year law enforcement career in which he estimated he has been a part of about 200 murder investigations. “I was very sure that due to the nature of the injuries it was not an accident,” Breedlove testified after seeing the child’s body at the Brookside Drive home. The jury saw pictures of the scene showing Somarah’s body under a blanket in the living room floor and the tire marks left when Benesch allegedly spun out leaving the gravel driveway. They also saw a few pictures showing apparent bruises on Somarah’s head, arm and leg, then later saw one picture showing an extensive discoloration on her back and side after defense attorney Olin Baker challenged Breedlove’s ability to tell the difference between bruising and lividity caused by the pooling of blood after the heart stops. The picture had previously been ruled inadmissible by Judge Larry Wallace because it showed electrodes from a heart monitor and the shock pad from a defibrillator still on the child’s body, but Wallace agreed to allow it so the jury could see some evidence of what Breedlove said he saw at the scene. Breedlove also testified that there was evidence that the living room and kitchen areas of the Rocky Drive mobile home had been recently cleaned when investigators searched it that day and he was alarmed more by what he didn’t find, such as the beer Benesch had purchased the night before or the mattress that Somarah reportedly slept on in the living room. Breedlove said investigators did find a blood stain on the rear door that was determined to be Benesch’s and a plastic straw in Benesch’s bedroom that was found to have his DNA on it. The jury is expected to hear there also was cocaine residue found on that straw. Neighbor John Rayburn testified Wednesday he saw Benesch snort cocaine and punch Somarah in the ribs and head the night of March 6, 2013, when he got mad over the little girl losing a sock. The prosecution continues with its evidence when the trial resumes Friday morning with the state medical examiner expected to testify about Somarah’s injuries and cause of death. If convicted, the state is seeking life without parole for Benesch. Wallace has indicated he will continue with testimony on Saturday after he held court until almost 8 pm the first two days. Benesch is on trial for two counts of felony murder and one count each of aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect.