‘Nashville’ cast member tweets about fund-raiser for Hodgins’ legal fund in Sonya adoption fight

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Clare Bowen

Clare Bowen

A cast member of the popular ABC series “Nashville” has apparently revealed a planned fund-raiser for the Dickson couple fighting to regain custody of their former foster daughter. Clare Bowen, the Australian actress who plays singer Scarlett O’Connor on the series, posted on her Twitter account a message about a benefit for Kim and David Hodgin’s legal fund “hosted by cast and crew of ‘Nashville.’” While the tweet has since been removed, a spokesperson for the Hodgins has confirmed the private event is being organized but is not affiliated with the program, its production company or ABC. Jessica Munday, a South Carolina-based public relations and advocacy specialist who has been assisting the Hodgins, has said several “Nashville” cast members know 10-year-old Sonya from her visits to the set with David Hodgin before she was returned to her birth father, John McCaul, in January. Hodgin owns a company that provides and coordinates transportation for television and film productions, including “Nashville” and previous projects such as “The Green Mile,” “Water for Elephants,” “Country Strong” and “The Identical,” among other credits listed in the Internet Movie Database. According to Bowen’s tweet, several “Nashville” cast and crew members are hosting a fund-raiser that will feature live music, cocktails and a light dinner for $35 per person on Aug. 23. The Hodgins were foster parents for Sonya and adopted her after her father’s parental rights were terminated when he was sent to prison. But the Tennessee Court of Appeals overturned the adoption and after his release from prison McCaul was able to regain physical custody of his daughter in January. She remains in the temporary custody of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. Dickson County Juvenile Court Judge Andy Jackson has been holding regular status reviews with the goal of reaching a permanent custody order. Jackson lost his re-election bid last week and as of Sept. 1 Michael Meise will be Dickson County’s new juvenile court judge. The Hodgins currently have a petition in Dickson County Circuit Court to again terminate McCaul’s parental rights, which could open the door for another possible adoption attempt. A motion to dismiss that petition is currently being considered by Dickson County Circuit Court Judge Robert Burch, who is retiring from the bench at the end of the month. A court-appointed guardian ad litem for Sonya has repeatedly reported the child is happy and doing well in Nebraska with her biological father and does not want to return to Tennessee.

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