Montgomery Belle State Park Transforms Dickson County Youth into Junior Rangers

Montgomery Bell State Park of Burns hosts its annual Junior Ranger Camp Monday June 18 through Thursday June 22. The camp is from 9:11-1:00 every day from kids ages 8-13. The camp is $50 for the week and includes a t-shirt, a water bottle, snacks, activity materials and an awards ceremony dinner. The awards ceremony will be at 6:00 on Friday, and family and friends are welcome to attend.

 The junior ranger camp gives kids a chance to learn the duties of rangers on a day to day basis. Junior Rangers will work hands on with representatives from the Fire Department, Police Department, wildlife, forestry, and more. Montgomery Bell State Park Rangers plan to cultivate future rangers with the annual Junior Ranger Camp. “Kids gain a greater appreciation of the resources that we have at Montgomery Bell State Park. When they leave our camp, they will know about the history of the park, trees, animals, plants, creeks, and why it’s a preserved area.”says park ranger and camp organizer Tim Wheatley.

Registration is already closed for this year’s camp, but any future rangers who are interested can keep up with all of the park’s activities and events here.