Longtime Promise Land Director Serina Gilbert retires: Will be recognized during the Promise Land Festival weekend

After more than 13 years of leading the Promise Land Heritage Association, Serina Gilbert will retire from her position as executive director on May 31.

“I am going to try and enjoy some real retirement,” said Gilbert, who has been “retired” for over a decade. She initially took this on as a volunteer and only planned to do it for a short while.

The association, which started as The Promise Land Community Club, is a non-profit that preserves and interprets the history of Promise Land in Charlotte while also focusing on community service.

Gilbert is a descendant of the Promise Land and has been a champion of the community for decades.

Since assuming leadership in 2006, Gilbert has touted the significance and relevance of the community locally and statewide. In 2006 the Promise Land School Building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and in July 2010 a Civil War Trails Marker, the first of 11 in Dickson County, was placed on the site of the historic school building in recognition of the Civil War records of John and Arch Nesbitt and their contributions to the community.

Gilbert will be formally recognized during the 2019 Promise Land Festival weekend on Friday, May 31.