Longtime Dickson County Commissioner dies, served until the end

Buford “Booty” Reed, a near lifelong servant of Dickson County citizens died peacefully Sunday morning, according to his daughter.

Reed, 73, was still serving as a Dickson County commissioner, a position he held for over 30 years, when he was unable to serve in recent months due to a brain tumor and subsequent treatment complications and surgeries.

Taylor Funeral Home in Dickson is handling Reed’s funeral arrangements, and more information is coming soon.

Last week, the county mayor’s office and commission moved a work session meeting to NHC assisted living where Reed was staying. During the visit, Reed was informed the commission chambers would be named in his honor.

Reed’s daughter, Leslie Brietenmoser, read his thoughts of appreciation, stating he was humbled by the chamber naming and added he deeply appreciated all of the love and support.

Reed has served 60 years as a Highland Rim Boy Scout leader and has additional 40 years of leadership at Dickson First United Methodist Church.

Reed — whose given name is Buford but is known by everyone as “Booty” — was director of the Dickson and Waverly Housing Authority for more than 30 years.