Krystal Daniels bond remains at $1M, “No body, No evidence” argument fails

Krystal Daniels bond remains at $1M, “No body, No evidence” argument fails

A lower bond was denied for Krystal Daniels after the judge ruled Thursday she had few connections to Dickson County and was a risk to flee the area.

The district attorney further argued in Dickson County Circuit Court that he believes Daniels, who is charged with aggravated child neglect in the 2018 death other son, Joe Clyde, is a risk to destroy evidence if she is bonded out of jail.

Her husband Joseph Daniels, who is Joe Clyde’s father, has been charged with first degree murder in his son’s death.

During his argument against lowering the bond, District Attorney Ray Crouch referred back to the initial days of Joe Clyde’s disappearance in April last year when “law enforcement and volunteers from all over the community, multiple agencies…are in Dickson County searching for a boy” who many believed missing. 

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Agent Joey Boyd said Krystal Daniels continued to tell authorities that Joe Clyde was missing for about three days after Joseph Daniel’s allegedly confessed.

Daniels’ attorney Andrew Daughtery, argued that her bond should be lowered to $50,000 due to lack of evidence, her admission of witnessing Joe Clyde’s alleged fatal beating coming during a six hour interrogation.

Her bond has been set at $1 million since her arrest lat year.

Daughtery argued that law enforcement has only an “isolated statement” and there is “no body, no evidence.”

Circuit Court Judge David Wolfe said Daniels “has a number of very serious charges,” which includes a class a felony of aggravated child neglect. Wolfe ruled that with those charges, the possible flight risk, her history of unemployment and lack of local family connections all justify the $1 million bond.

The trials for both Joseph Daniels and Krystal Daniels are scheduled to begin in August of 2020. 

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