Jerry Burgess serves his final term as Dickson County Road Superintendent

Road Superintendent Jerry Burgess said he will not run for his position during the next Dickson County election, and his job may not be on the 2022 ballot.

Burgess has worked for the department for more than 40 years and said he will be nearing the age of 66 when his current term comes to an end.

He was first elected in August of 2010 and then again in 2014. In the 2018 election, hew won more than 50 percent go the vote against challengers Phil Littleton and Richard Neblett.

Prior to his election, Burgess worked in at the highway department for 32 years.

Burgess was a proponent of dissolving the county road commission, noting that most years there were not enough candidates to fill the positions. He said those who were on the road commission, rarely showed up for meetings.  He was also in favor of the road superintendent position being appointed by the county mayor, with final approval coming from the Dickson County Commission.

Although Burgess has some years to go, before retiring, he said he will miss the men he has worked with more than anything else involved with the road superintendent job.

The state Legislature will determine in the coming weeks if Dickson County will join 19 other counties statewide that have moved to an appointed road superintendent position.