Jammin in Jammies Celebrates One Year

WDKN was honored to be a part of an amazing event at Live Oak (formerly known as Frisky Frogs) for their one year anniversary!

Now let’s rewind… Megan Barker came up with this idea, but just a little over a year ago it was just that. A night in which songwriters could come together and play some great music, but there’s a catch! All of the artists wear their pajamas. Megan knew that this was a way to make everyone feel vulnerable and open themselves up to hear different kinds of music.

On this anniversary night, WDKN, Shure Microphones, SongTown, Live Oak, Jammin in Jammies, and Megan Barker all came together to deliver some amazing food, giveaways, and awesome music!

The night started with SongTown writers while people were piling in with the pajamas and raffle tickets. After that Mitch Russell, Allie Colleen, Clay Mills, and Megan Barker took the stage. Mitch Russell penned a few Garth Brook songs while Allie Colleen and Megan Barker wowed the crowd with some of their originals. Clay Mills penned songs for Darius Rucker and Andy Griggs so that writers round was incredibly hard to beat!

We LOVE supporting local songwriters and artists here at WDKN. Your first stop for everything Dickson and new music you’ve never heard before!