Investigation underway after fatal Dickson fire and female body found near door

A fire at a residence on Highway 70 in western Dickson is being investigated after first responders found a female body near the front door, according to officials.

The female is not being identified unit positive identification has been made. An autopsy will also be performed.

According to a sheriff’s office press release, the Dickson county sheriff’s office responded to the house fire at 3964 Highway 70 West at about 8:30 pm Wednesday. Someone passing by noticed the fire and contacted authorities.

The Tennessee City Volunteer Fire Department responded and was able to quickly extinguish the fire. After the fire was put out, the female body was found.

Deputies secured the scene and notified Sergeant Trevor Daniel, a detective with the office’s criminal investigation division.

The origin of the fire remains under investigation with Tennessee City Volunteer Fire Department officials.