Graves resigns from Chamber of Commerce after four years

Joey Graves, President of the Dickson County Chamber of Commerce will be leaving the position next month after four years, he announced on WDKN on Wednesday.

The Kentucky native has been with the Dickson County Chamber of Commerce for four years and two months. Prior to moving to Dickson, Graves worked at the Chamber of Commerce in Union, Missouri for ten years.

“The last four years and two months have been extremely gratifying and rewarding both personally and professionally,” Graves said during the announcement of his resignation. “But it’s time to move on…it’s the best thing for my family.”

Graves also spoke in his farewell address about the people of Dickson and the impact they’ve had on himself and his family. “The people have been warm, welcoming, compassionate people and I cannot tell you how much I’ll never forget the people of Dickson County.”

Graves has had several accomplishments during his time at the Chamber, including increased membership from local businesses. Graves also prides himself on the creation of several new community events including Smokefest, Made in Dickson County, the Business Expo, and new this year, bringing in the Harlem Wizards.

Graves has also worked on several expansion projects with local industries, which have created 354 new jobs in Dickson County and generated a substantial amount of capital investment expenditures.

Graves also led he The Chamber of Commerce when they gained control of Old Timer’s Day in 2016, two months before the annual staple was set to take place, working with the city and the county to make the event go smoothly.

As far as his greatest accomplishment, Graves said that changing the perception of the Chamber of Commerce has been his biggest feat. “When I arrived in2014, I don’t believe the chamber had a positive reputation in the community…that’s just the perception I got from talking to people,” Graves said. “We’ve increased membership by about 20% in my time at the Chamber,” Graves continued. “We work tirelessly to promote Dickson County, promote the members, come up with new events, and I’ve been blessed with a great staff.”

Above all, Graves said he couldn’t have done most of the things he has without his staff and others supporting him.

Graves’s last day as President of the Dickson County Chamber of Commerce will be October 15.