First Scheduling Order Issued for Wiggins

The first scheduling order was issued on Wednesday in the case of Steven Wiggins, who is charged with the murder of Sgt. Daniel Baker among a list of other charges. The order, signed by Judge Wolfe, confirms some pieces of information, while also giving a timeline of the potential trial.

James A. Simmons, of Nashville, was appointed as co-counsel with Public Defender Jake Lockhert in the representation of Wiggins. Lockhert requested that another attorney outside of Dickson County be appointed during Wiggins’ arraignment June 8.  The trial date is also set for August 19, 2019 and, as of now, is expected to take two weeks. The first periodic hearing is scheduled for August 6, 2018 and there will be either a hearing or status notice every month leading up until the trial.

As of now, a location for the trial has not been confirmed.