Election commission asks to move money around in budget to cover worker overrun, get more help

After the Dickson County Commission made cuts to its original budget proposal, the Dickson County Election Commission is now proposing to move money around within its budget to cover an overrun in poll workers and add money for more part-time hours to get through the end of the fiscal year. While a budget amendment approved by the election commission Tuesday night does not change the bottom line of the office’s $233,000 budget, it does shift almost $9,000 around from a variety of line items to adjust for overspending in some areas by using savings from others. A total of $8,882 is taken from several categories in the budget and moved to other areas. The amendment adds $3,500 to the $12,000 that was budgeted for part-time help. Accounts and Budgets Director Don Hall said that will give Administrator of Elections Roxanne Hagewood the discretion to bring in more part-time help before the end of the fiscal year on June 30. The amendment also adds $1,260 to the budget for election workers, covering a cost overrun from the August and November elections. During budget deliberations last year, the county commission cut $6,640 from the $54,490 originally budgeted by former Administrator Linda Medley for poll workers. Despite the reduction, the election commission expanded early voting to add a second satellite location in White Bluff. The other major addition in the amendment is $3,000 to office equipment for the purchase of new computers. To add to those and other line items, Hall took $3,690 from maintenance agreements, $2,000 from postal charges, $1,686 from printing, stationery and forms along with smaller amounts from other areas of the budget where excess funds existed. Hall and Chairman Jack Garton said the more than $18,000 estimated cost to move the election office to its new location will come out of the county’s buildings and facilities management budget. The election commission unanimously approved the budget amendment Tuesday night and it will be presented to the county commission for consideration in February.