Dickson’s Rite Aid shutting down after Walgreens buy out

If you are looking for a rite-aid in Dickson County, you won’t be able to find within Dickson city limits after August 15th. The local Rite-Aid is in the process of closing down after being bought out by Walgreens. The company purchased 1,932 Rite aid locations last year after attempting to buy over 2,000 stores, according to Walgreens’ fourth annual report.

Most Rite-aid locations are being transformed into Walgreens nationwide, but with a Walgreens already on the same intersection, the plans are currently under discussion.

Keith Mulloy, the Walgreens Store Manager says some stores are being liquidated. But the store closing isn’t the communities concern, since the Rite-Aid already housed a Walgreens pharmacy. With thousands of Rite-Aid’s closing nationwide, some may wonder what will happen with the current employees jobs. “We want to make sure all employees are placed,” Mulloy said, “The store doesn’t close until August, but until then most of the employees will come over to this location while they are placed in a transitional pool.”

The transitional pool will last until March 9th, according to current Rite Aid employees at the closing location. By March 9th Walgreens has promised to give the employees up to three different offers and if the employees dont want to take the offer, a severance package will be given.

Until August 15, the Rite-Aid will be full of closing deals, with up to 60% off on certain products. The pharmacy with close on Tuesday, July 31, two weeks before the store’s permanent closure. Walgreens is now the second largest pharmaceutical store in America, second to CVS, and plan to continue buying out Rite-Aid stores.