Dickson Working on ADA Transition Plan, Deadline is December

The City of Dickson is closer to creating a plan that outlines any possible improvements needed for city-owned buildings, sidewalks parks and other areas to meet state and federal American with Disabilities Act requirements.

The city is facing a 2019 deadline to complete the plan. 

The Dickson City Council on July 8 unanimously approved a contract for $237,500 with Kimley-Horn and Associates to prepare an ADA Transition Plan for the City of Dickson. 

Th eFedera; Highway Administration requires cities and counties t o submit a transition plan by December 31st in order to continue receiving federal funds.

Senior Project Coordinator Chris Hooper said that the Frederal highway Administration will look at all the public buildings to make sure they meet the current ADA standards, look at all of the policies, and come back with a plan on how things can be updated.

Hooper also said most side walks not installed in the last 10 years will be out of compliance with the current ADA regulations. 

The state defines the ADA Transition Plan as an outline that identifies barriers to access in programs and  activities and the goal is for TDOT to provide equivalent access to the maximum extent feasible.

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