Dickson woman under the influence drives infants wrecks vehicle and runs from trooper, say officials

A Dickson mother with prior DUI convictions was involved in a wreck with two children in her vehicle while driving under the influence.

32 year old Rachel Kimbro faces 16 charges in the September 26 incident. Both children were under the age of 5. The case remains under investigation and official would not comment if the passengers were Kimbro’s children. Both children were transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center for injuries.

According to court documents, the vehicle Kimbro was driving did not have an ignition interlock device, which was she was required to use. The device prevents the vehicle from starting if the driver, who must breathe into a breath- alcohol analyzer, is detected with alcohol in the blood stream.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. Wayne Tidwell reported that the vehicle smaller of marijuana and also reported that Kimbro had a pipe of marijuana in her possession.

At Horizon Medical Center in Dickson, Kimbro refused to cooperate for blood tests and was physically combative. Once Tidwell arrived at the Charlotte Courthouse with Kimbro, she pulled away and ran in the parking lot.

Kimbro’s charges include: Vehicular assault, reckless endangerment, third offense DUI, resisting arrest, drug possession, tampering with ignition interlock and child restraint.