Dickson police warning of scam caller claiming arrest warrant issued for unpaid loan balance

Dickson police are warning residents about an attempted scam in which a caller claims to represent the police department in an attempt to collect a payment. Dickson Police Department Crime Prevention Officer J. David Cole said a resident recently reported receiving a call in which a man with a foreign accent aggressively claimed a warrant had been issued for her arrest over an unpaid loan and that is she did not pay $600 she could go to jail for six months. Cole said the complainant told an officer that her caller ID displayed the non-emergency number of the Dickson Police Department. The woman said the caller told her that she had an unpaid loan and that she owed $1,000, but then said the matter could be cleared up for $600. Cole said the caller told the woman to go to Fred’s Discount Store and purchase a money order for $600 to send to him or face six months in jail. “This was a scam,” Cole said in a community message sent out through Nixle. “Somehow, scammers are able to spoof or copy phone numbers to make their calls look like they came from a legitimate business. Do not fall victim to these scams.” Cole said the callers even refer to officers by name, but said that information is easily found online. “This call did not come from the Dickson Police Department,” Cole said. The officer said that law enforcement will never call to collect unpaid fines and that loan balances are a civil matter and not criminal. Anyone who receives a suspicious call should not send money and should notify local law enforcement by calling (615) 446-8041 extension 4.