Dickson Honors First Responders for 9/11

Walnut Street Church of Christ held a reception for the first responders of Dickson at 12 o’clock Tuesday afternoon in honor of the 17th anniversary of 9/11.

The church, located on Center Avenue, honored first responders including the City of Dickson Fire Department and EMT, City of Dickson Police Department, and others. The reception included food, prayer requests and several songs that the audience sang along to.

Family and Education Minister Steve Baggett talked about how the event was a dream from the staff at Walnut Church of Christ.  “We have done this a couple of times going back to the very year of 9/11,” said Baggett. “And we felt that with all the events that have taken place in our community recently we wanted to take advantage of this day to say thank you to all of our first responders.”

Although many first responders could not make it to the reception, Baggett was pleased with the response from those who did come. Near the end of the reception, Baggett and those who attended sang three patriotic tunes: America The Beautiful, My Country Tis of Thee, and Battle Hymn of The Republic.

Shirley Allen, who was a spectator, enjoyed the event. Although she expected more first responders to be present, she appreciated the gesture the church did for those who were present. “I thought it was very nice and well put together,” said Allen.

Brent Burger, who has been with the City of Dickson Fire Department for eight months, appreciated the reception. “I thought it was a very good event. It’s a good way to get everybody together get the community involved,” said Burger.  “There is always a sacrifice that you have to make between any agency within the county.”

Burger, who is 23, was able to understand what was going on during 9/11 and was able to take that as his drive to go into working with the fire department. “I think my generation is one of the first generations to come around to where the young people who are coming into to fire service now were propelled by 9/11,” said Burger. “ We were young enough to understand what was going on but old enough to realize that that was a career profession that you can get into.”

The reception ended with a group prayer with all the first responders at the front of the auditorium. To-go plates were made for the first responders who were not able to make the reception and their teammates made sure that they got the food that was provided.