Dickson has $10 million in ADA fixes in the offing

Dickson has $10 million in ADA fixes in the offing

By David Barkholz

The City of Dickson still has a ways to go to bring public buildings and streets into full compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The city just completed a comprehensive, 3,000-page study that identifies about $10 million in improvements to streets, crosswalks, parks and buildings still needed to ease access for those with disabilities.

All new facilities are in compliance, said Dickson Senior Project Coordinator Chris Hooper.

But at some existing intersections, curbs need to be lowered, access to concession stands widened and dozens of other public projects undertaken, Hooper said.

The good news is that the city has up to 30 years to complete the improvements with no official timetable yet established.

But the study is a necessary step to meet requirements set by the Federal Highway Commission for Dickson to come into full compliance with the ADA. Cities that ignore ADA mandates risk losing federal highway funds.

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