Dickson County student says she was strip-searched at school

A Dickson County school administrator is accused of strip teasing a female student alone in his office.

Caitlyn Wright says she was called to a Dickson County school administrator’s office after a video was found of her smoking a vape in school.

Wright says the administrator closed the door and asked her to empty her pockets and hand over her jacket.

“He checked the pockets and shook it out,” Wright said. “Then he asked me to take my shirt off, and I said, ‘are you serious?’ And he said yes, they need to strip search me.”

Wright says she obliged.

“I took my shirt off, he shook it out. He asked me to take my shoes and my socks off, so I took them off; he shook my shoes out,” Wright said. “Then he asked me to take my pants off and I handed them to him.”

Wright says after a few minutes she asked if she could put her clothes back on, and he said yes.

After that, Wright was lectured and was told she had three days of ISS and was sent to ISS. Then her mother was called.

Wright’s parents say that have spoken with a Dickson Police Captain about this case.

“I believe my daughter. She would never lie about something on this level, ever,” Wright’s mother Jamie Hunter said. “It not only risks his job, but it’s her reputation as well.”

Director of Dickson County Schools, Dr. Danny L. Weeks sent a statement when he heard about the allegations against the administrator:

“We take all such allegations seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation.  The safety of our students and our employees is a priority for the System.”

“I hope this hasn’t happened to anyone else because it makes me very uncomfortable at the school,” Wright said.