Dickson Council OKs pedestrian, cycling improvement grant

Dickson Council OKs pedestrian, cycling improvement grant

The city’s application for a maximum $1 million state grant for repairs and improvements for pedestrian access along West College Street as part of an effort to create a bicycling and walk path from Downtown Dickson to Hensley Park was approved September 10 by the Dickson Council.

At the council’s regular meeting, the council members unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to apply fro a Tennessee Department of Transportation Multimodal Access grand and pledging a five percent match for any grant accepted by the council.

The area to be improved would be from North Mulberry Street to Walker Street on West College Street.

Senior Project Coordinator Chris Hooper said the grants must be used on state highways and West College Street is part of Highway 235.

In early 2018, the city began the process of creating bicycle and pedestrian paths when the council approved May Don Weiss Jr. applying with the state Local Parks and Recreation Fund for the department to create a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.

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