Deadly Dickson Accident Driver Sentenced

A truck over sixty thousand pounds going 70 miles per hour crashes, causing a six car pile-up. A life was lost, and an indictment was made.Yesterday afternoon, David Kenneth McDaniel was sentenced to two years on three counts.

McDaniel, the driver, is 64 years old and has never committed a crime in his life. Charged with criminal negligent homicide, failure to use due care and reckless endangerment, he not only suffered from burns trying to rescue the victim from the burning car that covered the highway with black smoke, McDaniels also helped the other five car drivers get out of their vehicles after this deadly crash.

“McDaniel fully cooperated with the investigation, there were no drugs, no alcohol, and no evidence of phone use found when the investigation concluded,” Lieutenant Todd Christian from the Dickson County Police Department testified.

McDaniel, a former diesel mechanic, has been driving for eight years. The culprit behind his temporary distraction was a refillable coke container. He was reaching for it when he glanced over to the right, where he saw a car he was way too close to. McDaniel impulsively swerved to the right and into Jesse Butts, the lone fatality in the accident. “Jesse Butts was unresponsive with his seatbelt on, an ex-marine with a wife and kids,” the prosecution stated.

McDaniel patted away tears yesterday all throughout court. He was sentenced with two years on each count served concurrent with 100 hours of community service and the completion of a victim impact panel.