“Curve Ahead” sign to be posted on Marshall Stuart Drive

Marshall Stuart Drive in Dickson recently went through some changes. The road used to meet Highway 46 between the stoplights at Beasley Drive and Oakmore Drive, but recent construction changed the path of the road, which now meets Highway 46 at the stoplight of Highway 46 and Oakmore Drive. The previous end to the street no longer exists.

With the changes in the path of the road, safety concerns have led to the city council voting unanimously to add a “curve ahead” sign where the road’s path changes. The item was presented by Councilman Michael Outlaw of the second ward.

“When you go through there from 46 onto Marshall Stuart around the curve, it’s throwing cars into oncoming traffic. A lot of the 18-wheelers that don’t take that route, it’s throwing them out [into oncoming traffic] because some of them don’t know the path,” Councilman Outlaw said during the meeting.

Councilman Outlaw also presented the idea of a street light study in the same area.

The City Council meets the first Monday of every month.