City Council begins process to amend Open Container Ordinance

Chapter 11-101 of the Dickson Municipal Code currently prohibits drinking beer or intoxicating liquor “while riding in or driving a motor vehicle, or in a park, road, or other public place, other than in or on the premises where beer and/or intoxicating liquor is permitted to be sold and consumed.” This code is often referred to as the open container ordinance. However, in a meeting of the Dickson City Council on June 4th, 2018, it was mentioned that the current open container ordinance conflicts with a 2015 resolution that allows licensed businesses to sell alcohol at approved events.

Due to the conflict, an amendment has been added to the ordinance in order to resolve the conflict that currently exists. The amendment adds an exception that will allow approved events to include alcohol sales under the restrictions approved on each application. The amendment was presented at the city council meeting on July 3rd.  If the ordinance passes, businesses licensed to sell alcohol can include alcohol sales as a part of an event approved by the city with the completion of an application. Following the city charter, an ordinance must be voted on twice before it can take effect. The first vote was passed on July 3rd, with the second vote taking place at the next meeting on August 6th. Should the amendment be passed a second time, the new ordinance will officially be put into place.