Charlotte woman finds reptile passenger in her car in Downtown Dickson

Connie Heard of Charlotte was driving on Main Street in Downtown Dickson Tuesday morning when she felt something on her leg.

“I stopped at the stop sign on Main Street and was rolling on down, three or four parking spaces down and was praying and felt something on my ankle,” said Heard 

She looked down to find a snake in her car. She then threw her vehicle into park and yelled “There’s a snake in my car!”

When asked what happened after that, she said that it was a blur.

Her vehicle, a Ford SUV was stopped in the street where it hit a parked truck.

The police and Animal Control Officer Ricky Manley arrived on the scene. Also Craig Morgan came out of his downtown business to try and help remove the snake. 

The snake was spotted by Dickson Police Cpl. Ron Tilly and Manley was able to grab the reptile with a pole clamp and transfer ti to a bag held by Officer Demonta Daniel.

Manley identified the 2- foot animal as a rat snake. 

When asked how the snake got in the car, Heard was not really sure how.

“My daughter drove it to work last night and brought it home around midnight,” said Heard,  “I guess it got tired and crawled there to sleep and I woke it up.”

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