Chamber of Commerce to move into War Memorial Building

The City of Dickson and the Dickson County Chamber of Commerce are about to enter  into a lease that allows the Chamber to occupy the War Memorial Building.

Under the lease agreement, the Chamber of Commerce would move into the lower, or basement, level of the War Memorial Building. The Chamber would be responsible for everyday maintenance, with the city covering external maintenance, such as HVAC and roof maintenance.

The City Council previously approved the remodel of the lower level of the building last month, which will be transformed into office space for the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber will also have access to the upper level, which is now used for rentals. Under the lease agreement, the Chamber would be responsible for that space and will keep all money made from renting out the upper level.

The renovations, which cost just over $53,000 were budgeted into the city’s budget for 2018-2019. The building is currently unoccupied and is only used as a rental space.

The renovations on the building are expected to finish soon; the Chamber of Commerce is expected to be able to move into the building in early 2019.