Affidavit Reveals Details of Sgt. Daniel Baker’s Murder

A criminal complaint and affidavit has been released by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, which reveals the nature of the murder of Dickson County Sgt. Daniel Baker on May 30, 2018. An arrest warrant was issued for Steven Joshua Wiggins of Dickson, by United States Magistrate Barbara D. Holmes. The accompanying four-page affidavit, written by Todd Stacy, is compiled based on Baker’s body camera footage, witness reports, and a post-arrest interview with Wiggins.


The affidavit reveals that Sgt. Baker responded to a suspicious vehicle tip at the intersection of Sam Vineyard Rd. and Tidwell Switch Rd. When he arrived, he noticed a brown Saturn sedan parked and facing the wrong direction. The car had two occupants, who were later identified as Steven J. Wiggins and Erika Castro-Miles, both of Dickson.

When Sgt. Baker approached the vehicle, Wiggins said the car had a flat tire and he was awaiting help. Baker learned after sending the license plate information to law enforcement personnel that the car was reported stolen. Sgt. Baker then asked Wiggins and Castro-Miles to exit the vehicle. Wiggins stated that the door was stuck, and he could not get out. Sgt. Baker then instructed both Castro-Miles and Wiggins to exit the car on the passenger side. When crossing behind the vehicle, Wiggins opened fire with a .45 caliber pistol. Wiggins fired five shots, one of which struck Sgt. Baker. Sgt. Baker attempted to seek cover from Wiggins but collapsed a short distance down the road. Wiggins then fired five more times, three of which were at close range. Autopsy reports show that Sgt. Baker was shot six times.

Wiggins then placed Sgt. Baker’s body in the backseat of his patrol vehicle and drove it to a field near Bear Valley Creek Rd. and Byrd Rd., about three miles from where the shooting occurred. Wiggins then set fire to the vehicle, which partially set fire to the body of Sgt. Baker. Autopsy reports show that the right side of Sgt. Baker’s uniform was charred, and the skin underneath was also blackened.

When Wiggins was captured on June 1, he had a backpack that contained both the .45 caliber pistol and a model 33 Glock. The casings found at the scene were a confirmed match from the .45 caliber pistol found in the backpack and a trace on the Glock 33 indicated it was purchased by Sgt. Baker’s wife, Lisa.

In interviews conducted after the arrest, Wiggins said he tried to perform CPR on Sgt. Baker, but body camera footage does not show that. Wiggins also stated that he shot Baker multiple times because he “didn’t want the man [Baker] to suffer.” And shot him multiple times in the head “like a dog, you know, man, its suffering. You gotta make sure.”

Wiggins is currently being held in Davidson County Jail without bond and is facing state and federal charges including first degree murder. The state of Tennessee is seeking the death penalty.