3 local schools make state’s Reward Schools list, 1 on Focus School list for students with disabilities

Three Dickson County elementary schools have been designated as Reward Schools by the Tennessee Department of Education. Reward schools are the top 5 percent of schools in the state for performance and top 5 percent for progress. Performance is measured by overall student achievement levels by the number of students determined to be proficient or above proficient in standardized testing. Progress is year-to-year growth as measured by the Tennessee Value Added Assessment Service. The Discovery School has been designated as a Reward School based on its achievement scores. Centennial Elementary School and White Bluff Elementary School were designated as Reward Schools based on their growth. For 2014, there were 168 Reward Schools in 49 school districts, with 67 recognized for performance, 84 for progress and 17 for being in the top 5 percent for both measurements of accountability. The Department of Education also designates Priority Schools and Focus Schools in its accountability report as part of the waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind mandate. Priority Schools are the lowest-performing 5 percent based on achievement. No Dickson County schools were designated as Priority Schools for 2015. The Focus Schools are the 10 percent of schools with the largest achievement gaps between groups of students or graduation rates of 60 percent or less. Oakmont Elementary School is on the list of Focus Schools for the gap in achievement scores between students with disabilities versus non-students with disabilities.