By Dave Barkholz

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Dickson County is being pounded by the coronavirus after having an easy go of it during the first three-and-a-half months of the outbreak in Tennessee.
Another 12 residents tested positive for Covid Wednesday, bringing to 80 the total number of new infections over the past 15 days.
By comparison, the county suffered just 24 cases in the prior 26 days before infections began to take off on June 25.
Local health officials say more people are getting out and mingling, both around town and on vacation.
The 80 local cases over the past two weeks represent 35% of all infections in the county since the disease was first reported in Tennessee on March 5.
As of Wednesday, there’s been a total of 231 cases in Dickson County, 103 recoveries and no deaths.
The swell in new infections comes as Dickson County Schools are finalizing plans to reopen schools fully on August 3 for a normal, five-day classroom schedule.
The district Tuesday emphasized again its intention to reopen fully in the fall in a letter to parents that answered frequently asked questions.
One question not raised in the flyer is under what circumstances and scope of local coronavirus infection the district would pull back from a full reopening and switch to online classwork or a hybrid of one or two days in the classroom with the remainder online at home.

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