By: Sierra Prue 

CHRIS NORMAN, an Administrative Assistant in Dickson County since 2017, gave 101.5 The One and WDKN some insights on the future look of Dickson County.

This crazy time has attempted to take away that summer happiness that our county always looks forward to. However, with some renovations and additions, we might be able to get that summertime happiness a little sooner! 

With all the following plans being IMMEDIATE the future looks bright.

-A set of design improvements at Buckner Park!

-Plans for a parking lot and storm drain at the meeting of College and Church Street in Downtown Dickson!

-The $500,000 Phase V of the Downtown Dickson revitalization!

-A design for a Splash Park at Henslee Park! 

These additions and renovations will be getting stronger in the near future. More updates to come!

We Want To Hear From You! 
What additions or renovations do you think might BENEFIT our county?
(Drop your comments below!) 

By: Sierra Prue, 
101.5 The One and WDKN, Dickson’s only Live and Local Radio Station!

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