By Dave Barkholz

Dickson County Mayor Bob Rail said he’s cautiously optimistic that the county’s 325 employees will get cost-of-living and merit raises next year.
The county is looking at a 20-cents-an-hour COLA and merit raises of 2% based on evaluations by department heads.
But the plan is still in the air because the county still must see how much revenue the state returns to the county given the hit has taken on sales and other tax collections.
The raises would cost the county an additional $495,000 next year, according to budget documents provided at a county commission meeting Monday evening. 
Speaking on the Power Lunch Monday on 101.5 The One and WDKN, Rial said he’s optimistic because the county had an excellent Christmas season from a sales tax collection standpoint. And the vast majority of property taxes came in by the deadline on Feb. 28 before the virus appeared in Dickson County.
However, the county must wait to see exactly what the state returns for the rest of the year. Last year, employees received a cost-of-living allowance of 25 cents per hour.

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