By Dave Barkholz and Emily Blackmarr

More than two months into the coronavirus pandemic, Dickson County is the fifth most populous county in Tennessee without a COVID death.
The only larger counties without a COVID-related fatality are Washington, Coffee, Johnson and Loudon.
Dickson County Mayor Bob Rial credits county residents with largely adhering to hygiene and social-distancing guidelines, and the fact that health care professionals have kept the virus out of the county’s nursing homes.
That population is particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus, with nursing home patients representing nearly one-quarter of all COVID-related deaths nationally.
“The lack of deaths in the nursing homes, and the lack of deaths in the county, it’s amazing, we’re blessed and I think a lot of people are doing the right thing to cause that to occur,” Rial said.
For a population the size of Dickson County, the county has had a relatively low incidence of coronavirus infections as well. Dickson County has about 53,000 residents.
There’s also been no surge of cases since local restaurants and retailers reopened for business three weeks ago. 
Since the first case of coronavirus was reported in the county on March 20, the county has had 93 positive cases and 50 people recovered for a total of 43 active cases. There were no new cases Tuesday.
Including Dickson County, there are 51 counties across Tennessee without a coronavirus death, predominantly in rural areas of the state.

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