Cancer Auction 2018

Cancer Crusade Auction 2018

April 23rd, 2018

Today’s Auction Sponsors:

Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical, J & H Builders, Marco’s Pizza and S & S Pools

call 615-441-1216 to bid


99 CTF- 1 free admission Roxy Theater
193 CTF- 12 Krystals, 2 med drinks, 2 med fries Krystals
322 Black steel mailbox on decorative steel post mem R D Stinson Stinson Steel
336 CTF- 1 pickup load of mulch Expires May 2019 C&K Lumber
337 CTF- Choice of Chick Fil A sandwich meal or nuggets meal (8 count) Member
727 Lg basket w/ rolling pin, longaberger pie plate, daisy king cookbook, 2 pot holders & much more in memory Ruth Daniel Brown Daniel Family
832 TN cap signed by Trevor Daniel #93 kicked for UT-Mem- Judy Wires Terry Wires
850 28” fire pit w/ roasting sticks, marshmallows, Hershey’s bars, graham crackers- honor Braxton Fuqua Pam, Jessica, Jackie, Michelle, Faith, Courtney, Leslie
884 Red flowery wall hanging or table center pc- folded hot pad design, Mem: Wayne Bishop Joyce Bishop
920 25X42 handmade baby quilt- blue w/ bears. Suns, stars on yellow back hand stitched-Mem: James Bishop Melba Bishop
929 Crib size baby quilt 35X43-poplar theme for any child, blue print w/ white stripe border Jana Calderon
1067 Handmade UT Vols bowtie-adjustible fits neck sz 133/4”-20”- Honor of Maurice Estes Candice Young
1098 Red pedal tractor, farmall 1265 turbo-international-Mem: Wendall & Anita Dotson Randle & Renee Dotson
1131 2.25 gal hydrangea patio tree & 6 gift cards from Cracker Barrel, Buffalo Wild Wings, Little Caesars, Subway, AMC, Target (receipts available) honor Robin Scarlett Dickson Medical South
1202 Backyard fun w/26” firepit, pit cover, roasting sticks & fire lighter in honor Ted Gorzney Diana Hayes
1206 Weber 20” charcoal grill w/ 3 pc grilling utensils, grill rush & scraper grill lighter, matchstick charcoal, grill veggie pan, bamboo server in honor Robin Scarlett Administration Dept
1227 Lews Speed spin reel in honor Elwyn Choate Scarlett Choate
1228 Sm Okeechobee fishing bag- includes 2 med utility boxes-blue- in honor Donnie Choate Scarlett Choate
1229 3 pks Paca Slim 4” net bait- blue craw blue tip 7 pk each in memory Margaret Choate Scarlett Choate
1230 14 count yum christie craws hooks w/ weights incl in honor Walton & Annie Lee Choate Scarlett Choate
1444 Lg basket of hen & chicken plants in memory Robert Swaw Joyce Hooper
1447 18 H/M peanut butter cookies- mem: Jack Burch Jr Judy Choate
1448 OMG I gained 10 lbs pie- honor & memory of all that has ensured that Dickson auction continues in raising awareness for funding cancer Anna & Oliver Rackley
1449 1 pt. H/M pimento cheese- mem: Walton & Annie Lee Choate Donnie Choate
1450 Counted cross stitch kit- Happy Time toddler bib w/ seal on it. Contains all items needed to complete. Mem of mother Julia Wetterau Robert Wetterau
1451 H/M 3 layer 8” coconut cake- mem of mother Emma Sullivan & grandmother Laura Armstrong Betty Gilmer
1452 1.5 lbs H/M peanut butter fudge- honor Margaret Choate Donnie & Judy Choate
1453 2 layer H/M 6” strawberry cake mem sisters Ann Tinsley, Marie PLunkett Betty Gilmer
1454 24 H/M sausage & cheese ball Mem: Eddie Ray Burch Judy Choate
1455 2 layer H/M 6” lemon cake-Honor- Ricky Martin, Rickey McNeal & James Todd (keep fighting) Betty Gilmer
1456 9X12 H/M squash casserole- honor of Donnie Choate Judy Choate
1457 1 pt H/M choc gravy in honor: Elwyn Choate Donnie Choate
1458 1.5 lbs peanut butter fudge meme: of mother Agnes Burch Cauthen Judy Choate
1459 Sm/ Precious Moments ceramic basket- beaded bracelet w/ cross- mem: of Darlene Plunkett Betty Gilmer
1460 H/M cherry cheesecake- mem: Ms Lowe Jimmy Lewis
1461 18 H/M peanut butter cookies honor of Pam Lewis Myatt Donnie & Judy Choate
1462 12 H/M choc chip cookies mem: of Joyce Travis Jimmy Lewis
1463 Salvation bracelet sterling silver swarovski crystal- mem: Charlene Andres Betty Gilmer
1464 Handmade Shasay Scar- ray, white & blue- mem: Pam White Judy Choate
1465 12 H/M peanut butter cookies- me,: Gary
Neal Travis
Jimmy Lewis
1466 Sm. tan crossbody purse w/ 2 zippers- glasses holder- mem: mother Agnes Burch Cathen Judy Choate
1467 1 cup Rotel pimento cheese w/ wheat thins- mem: Doug Cluck Janet Cluck
1468 9X13 german choc cake-mem: Paula & Tim Horner Joyce Hafner
1469 Simply Straightening brush- mem: Eddie Burch Judy Choate
1470 1 cup Rotel pimento cheese w/ wheat thins- mem: those fighting cancer Janet Cluck
1471 H/M lasagna roll ups- ready to cook mem: Eddie Ray Burch Alex Oslund
1472 H/M 9X13 holy cake cake w/ cool whip cream cheese icing- mem: Dad- Eddie Ray Burch Alex Oslund
1473 H/M 10 choc brownies mem: all who have cancer Anne Sugg
1474 H/M chess pie- mem: of all that have died with cancer Fay Neblett
1475 H/M lasagna roll ups- ready to cook mem: Eddie Ray Burch Alex Oslund
1476 H/M 9X13 caramel apple dump cake (no nuts) mem: Arthur Neblett Fay Neblett
1477 10” petunia planter (night sky) mem: Eddie Burch Stephanie Burch
1478 4 qts fresh picked TN strawberries anytime while in season in month of May- mem: Lawrence Thompson Mark Horsley
1479 1 cup of Rotel pimento cheese w/ Triscuits- mem: Doug Cluck Janet Cluck
1480 4” organic oregano plant mem: Eddie Burch Alex Oslund
1481 18 H/M choc drop cookies- mem: My dear friend Eddie Burch Teresa Hafner
1482 6 sour cream corn bread sticks & muffins mem: Kellie McVay-Winnie Hamilton Lynda Hamilton
1483 Oster blender 10 speed- mem: Lawrence Thompson Debbie Horsley
1484 18 H/M choc drop cookies- mem: My dear friend Eddie Burch Teresa Hafner
1485 H/M 6 sour cream corn bread sticks & 6 muffins- mem: Kellie McVay & Winnie Hamilton Lynda Hamilton
1486 2 green cracked glass lanterns w/ non flammable candles- mem: Lawrence Thompson Debbie Horsley
1487 4” organic oregano plant mem: Eddie Burch Alex Oslund
1488 8X8 toll house cookie bar- mem: Rita Miller Peggy & Warren Fielder
1489 Gray t-shirt “Some may have lost the battle, but the war isn’t over slay cancer” blue letters–mem: Dean Hester (uncle) Jeremy Wall
1490 40 pcs H/M peanut butter fudge on white pestle dish mem: Shannon Cavender Daniel Hill
1491 8X8 sausage & corn casserole- mem: Monroe Fielder Peggy & Warren Fielder
1492 Lg pink t-shirt “Support the fighters, admire the survivors, honor the taken, never give up hope- mem: Juanita Whitfield (aunt) Jeremy Wall
1493 Handmade wooden cross on lg piece of driftwood- mem: Shannon Cavender Pat Hill
1494 1 qt speedy bean salad- honor: Peggy Fielder Warren Fielder
1509 Lg H/M calico salad in memory of Walter J Luther Debbie Russ