2019 Cancer Auction

April 24, 2019………………….615-441-1216


87  CTF- 1000 business cards  Printer’s Ink

95  CTF- 1 lg  topping pizza  Papa John’s

120  24 TN Pride sausage & butter-  TN Pride/Con Agra Brands

143  CTF- vehicle wash & vacuum  Xpress Detail & Accessories

259  CTF- 2 lunches or 2 dinners  Wall’s BBQ

368  16X20 blue hydrangea acrylic  Evelyn Booker

391  Squirrel baffle- only-  Anonymous

392  Mr Coffee coffee mill  Anonymous

393  Tiki candle in coconut shell  Anonymous

394  Black zipper billfold/credit  Anonymous

395  Land of the free white lg t-  Anonymous

396  Hand/M corn bread seed necklace  Anonymous

397  Black 2 pc set tablet or Ipad  Anonymous

398  Black medical supply bag  Anonymous

399  Blue plaid carry all bag  Anonymous

400  Southwestern bead necklace  Anonymous

582  CTF- hair cut  Kathy Donegan

859  Breast cancer bsk- teddy bear  Rosanne Sietins

946  Pr Dr Scholl’s ladies sandals  Member

947  16” tall blue urn w/ decorativ  Member

962  Ladies aigner navy purse  Irene Schneck

974  Book- Gideon’s Torch by Char  Linda Springer

1019  Book- Body for Life by Bill  Kurt & Kimberly Wallace

1043  Nascar Winston cup- hardback  Linda Smith

1065  26X19 Eurographic jigsaw puzz  Ned Momany

1071  Loveless Cafe bsk w/ biscui  TriStar Horizon Team

1111  DVD- movie Cars  Irene Schneck

1112  DVD- movie The Punisher  Irene Schneck

1115  Pre-read book “6 minute mornin  Linda Springer

1128  8X8 pour painting of iris  Wanda Clifton

1129  11X14 mirror w/ etched design  Wanda Clifton

1153  11” handturned walnut vase  Member

1182  “Love” ribbon breast cancer  Wanda Clifton

1183  4 preread paper back books by  Melba Bishop

1184  20” LED utility lantern  Wanda Clifton

1187  Patrice Delight of the day  Peggy Fielder

1282  Softback cookbook: Answering  Kim Leegon

1456  4 pc canister set tan w/ straw  Carolyn Alberd

1457  24” used wood knot table  Carolyn Alberd

1460  Lighted lighthouse  Horizon volunteers

1533  14X14 wooden plaque “Home  American Realty & Auction

1542  7 channel weather radio  Walter & Ann Crafton

1563  1986 Nat’l finals rodeo belt  American Realty & Auction

1657  A time to relax pkg w/ candle  Dickson Co Womens Club

1665  Magic Bullet set- preused  Warren Fielder

1720  18X24 what-knot wooden shelf  Linda Ramsey

1721  10X10 cherished garden pictur  Sandy Turner

1722  13.5” metallic vase  Linda Ramsey

1723  15” decorative butterfly house  Libby Donaldson

1724  10” tall blue & clear compote  Libby

1725  Plate, bowl & qt jar birdfeeder  Anonymous

1726  Brown cookie design cookie ja  Sandy Turner

1728  2 7X7 clear candy dishes  Libby

1733  Deep pink Gerber daisies- gal  Bonnie Frells

1736  Lap quilt- hand quilted, machin  Harriet Sensing

1739  10 handmade greeting cards w/  Cherly Teston

1740  Ladies Castleton watch/silver  Kroger Associates

1741  10” hibiscus plant  Sharon Corlew

1742  15” blue bird bath Mem: All  Laurie Brown-Cherly Teston

1743  7” Christmas rocky horse w/ be  Kroger Employees

1748  Pot- Supertunia bubblegum color  Glenda Romans

1749  2 lbs orange creamsicle marble  Carolyn Alberd

1750  25X21 country scene framed art  Sharon Corlew

1751  10” Kimberly queen fern  Kroger Employees

1755  9X13 pineapple upside down cake  Irene Schneck

1756  24 secret kisses cookies  Patti Young

1757  H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1758  9X13 German choc w/ cocon  Jenny Christy

1759  H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1760  H/M 9X13 strawberry cake w/  Jenny Christy

1761  H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1762  Hanging bsk- white petunia &  DMA-South

1763 H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1764  H/M strawberry pie w/ H/M  Dan & Alina Hicks

1765  H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1766  H/M strawberry pie w/ H/M  Dan & Alina Hicks

1767  H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1768  H/M fudge pie  Centennial Elementary

1769  H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1770  Pr- framed prints of wildflower  Centennial Elem School

1771  H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1773  H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1776  24 choc chip cookies  Martha Gerdeman

1781  H/M coconut creme pie  Alley Murphy

1782  H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1783  Spa bucket- face wash, body  2nd Floor Loan Dept

1784  H/M loaf sour dough bread  Candy Pruiett

1785  9X13 German chocolate cake  Amanda Finch

1786  H/M chocolate creme pie  Alley Murphy

1787  H/M pecan pie  Ted Williams

1788  Sm pot of white petunias  Loan Operations

1789  Coral knockout rose bush w/  Ann Petty

1790  Candy & popcorn bsk  2nd Floor Loans Dept

1791  H/M pecan pie  Ted Williams

1792  S’mores basket  Amand Finch

1793  Pot- pink hydrangea  Loan Operations Dept

1794  Purple orchid in matte ceramic  Loan Operations Dept

1795  Car wash bucket  2nd Floor Loan Dept

1797  8X8 no bake cheesecake w/  Ruby Dotson

1798  15 dark fudge chocolate  Ruby Dotson

1799  H/M pineapple up-side down  Ruby Dotson

1800  H/M 8X8 no bake cheesecake  Ruby Dotson

1801  H/M 12pc milk chocolate  Ruby Dotson

1802  Kroger pecan pie  Chris Pannell

1803  POW-MIA throw blanket  Chris Pannell

1804  Red roaster w/ measuring spoons  Tonya Mangrum

1805  Sz 6-9 West 3” heels sling- ba  Linda Lesperance

1806  Wood cutting board w/ 5 color  Chris Pannell

1807  10” round cooking dish (brown)  Tonya Mangrum

1808  12” vintage sweet cream bottle  Tonya Mangrum

1809  9” decorative milk pitcher  Tonya Mangrum

1810  6 M grey slingback shoe w/ 3”  Linda Lesperance

1811  1 dz country eggs  Tonya Mangrum

1812  Wire chicken basket 16” red  Tonya Mangrum

1813  Gold slingback heels 3” 6M  Linda Lesperance

1814  White wire chicken w/ egg bsk  Tonya Mangrum

1815  1 dz brown country eggs  Tonya Mangrum

1816  H/M peanut butter fudge doubl  Melissa Presgraves-Ferrell

1817  8X8 mulberry casserole Warren Fielder

1818  Qt speedy bean salad  Warren Fielder

1819  Pot- bright orange Gerber daisy  Jean Fearnow